Abingdon Arms, 21 Sydney Street, Brighton


Initially the building was first occupied by a builder prior to becoming a beer house in 1854, originally called the Royal George but changed in the next year or so to the Abingdon Arms becoming one of the three pubs that once existed on Sydney Street, the others being the still existing Office and the defunct George and Dragon.[1] Landlords are shown as William John Davey in a directory from 1878, Ernest Richardson in directories from 1913 and 1918, and William E Lynn in 1938.[2]

The pub closed after a century of existence to be replaced by one of the ubiquitous butchers, Marshalls, who closed sometime in the late 1970s. A brief interlude as a greeting card shop and glass merchants was followed by the arrival of the present incumbents in 1986. Currently home to the Brighton Bead Shop who are celebrating their silver jubilee in 2011. The shop sells the beads individually allowing those to make their own pieces of jewellery and has become very popular during its tenure.[1]


1845-1946: BUILDER: Daniel Bongard

1854-1956: BEER HOUSE: Royal George (1854), Abingdon Arms (1856-1956)

1958-1974: BUTCHER: Marshalls

1983-1984: GREETING CARDS: Cards

1985-1986: GLASS MERCHANTS: Granthams Glass

1986-present: BEADS/JEWELLERY: Brighton Bead Shop[1]



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